Health care special
2 x3 formula in the Two-rooms Flat with free additional bed. Ideal for those people who must deal with trips for health reasons along with family or carers. Prior direct contact.

Student special
Rates are based on multi-year stay with locked discounted price according to the stay period. Prior direct contact.

Renovation special
Expressly dedicated to those who face the serious problem of house renovation! Discount time equal to 20% of the stay period. Aimed at those who do not have a deadline for the renovation works. Prior direct contact.

“No problem” formula
For stays longer than one year. 10% discount on the entire 12-month stay with locked rate for the next 12 months and one month free. The tranquility of a planned and programmable cost over the long term in case of trips or need for an efficient alternative to the rent solutions. Subject to Management’s approval.

“Time prize” formula
For stays longer than three months, 10 days free at the end of the period of stay. Applicable to Studio e al Two-Room flats , this formula is cumulative up to one calendar year with a maximum of one month free. The convenience and comfort of having the apartment available even in periods of absence or vacation. Subject to Management’s approval.